Party Weekend


This weekend we are heading to Paducah. I know, big surprise! We are going to celebrate Sydney’s 2nd birthday with a few friends and family. It should be a ton fun! I’m really excited about all that we are doing.

First, Aunt Kacey is going to meet us at our house. She is riding with us from here. That will cut her drive time in half. She’ll still have to ride, but she can save her gas! We’re excited to have her with us for the ride!

Friday night, we have a few errands to run. Besides that, our plan is to take it easy & hang out with the folks.

Saturday will be a fun filled day! We’re going with another couple to take our kids to YaYa’s Island. Sydney’s never been, but Ryan and I checked it out for her birthday party. It turned out to be too expensive to have a party there. So, we decided that she and a friend could go & have fun. The friend we are going with is her all-time favorite friend. She’s only played with her a couple of times around Nathan & Kacey’s wedding, but she talks about her all the time!! I’m so excited they’re going to have some time to play.

After the play time at YaYa’s, it’s NAP time!! I’m hoping Sydney will get a good nap in. She should after playing hard!! Once Sydney wakes up from her nap, it’s party time! We’re having the little girl that’s going to YaYa’s with us over along with her parents & grandparents. Plus, we’ll have some family there. It isn’t going to be much…cake, ice cream, & finger foods. It should be a fun & simple party! 

Sunday, it’s church & then home. We’ll have Aunt Kacey going back with us, so that should be more fun than normal, too!! All in all, we’re expecting a pretty fun couple of days! I’m sure we’ll take plenty of pictures! So, watch for them on Monday!!


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